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HB 5046 Update - Press Release

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

PRESS RELEASE October 19, 2023

What a great victory this week with the passing of HB 5046 out of the Criminal Justice Committee with unanimous yes votes! Now that the substitute language has been adopted, the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) has changed their position from “oppose” to “support” of the Bill. This has always been one of our greatest obstacles. While it is exciting, it’s not time to pop the Champagne yet. We now need to reach out to all Michigan House Representatives to let them know to vote yes on HB 5046 when it comes to the full floor for a vote.

When the vote happens it would be wonderful to have as many court reporters and recorders in the gallery to witness this historic vote. There is a possibility it could go to the floor as early as next Tuesday afternoon’s session. Things move quickly so we probably won’t have much notice, maybe 24 hours. House sessions are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1:30 and Thursdays at noon. We will keep you posted with updates as we get them.

Things you can do:

• Come to the House Floor Vote - Look for email and social media updates. Like and share any posts you see.

• Write your representative. If you don’t already know who that is you can look them up here: Michigan House - Home Page. You can use the same letter you did when writing to Committee Members.

• Spread the word to other court reporters and recorders, judges, attorneys, professional contacts, family, friends, community groups, or anyone else you’ve ever complained to over the past 37 years about not getting a raise.

An email can be as simple as writing “Please Support HB 5046” in the subject line and “Dear Rep. _______: My name is ______, a resident of your district. I am writing to ask that you vote “Yes” on HB 5046, which would raise the fees for Michigan court reporters and recorders for the first time in 37 years.”

Once we get the bill passed in the House then it’s on to the Senate; Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Committee vote, and Senate floor vote. If we make it through the Senate then it goes to the Governor’s desk to become law.

Let’s keep up the momentum and get this done!

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