**Use Google Chrome when accessing the Student Portal.

  • You can use your Facebook Login, Google/Gmail login or another email that you are currently using.

  • Go to www.mecra.info - Click the Student Portal then Student Login on the upper right.

  • Choose the option you wish to use for login with the icons located under "Already a member?"   When using your Facebook or Google/Gmail it will use your current login and password for those applications.

  • You will receive a message indicating that you have registered for the site.

  • You will be approved within 24 hours or less. After the approval, you will have access to the material and modules.  

  • First-time login after approval.  Go to www.mecra.info and click the Student Portal.

  • Click Student Login.

  • Click Login under "Already a member?" (VERY IMPORTANT)

  • Click the option you used for establishing your account for the Student Portal.  NOTE:  If you are already logged into Facebook or Google/Gmail, it may automatically give you access without a password.

  • Enter your email and password then click Login or Enter.

  • You will see a message on the upper right saying "Hello" with your email prefix.

  • Click the down arrow next to the "Hello" and click Student Access.

  • Click the "All Course Material" to access CER Fast Track, CEO Fast Track, and the Full Study Module Series.

  • Use these steps in blue for future access.

Please call us at 248-206-0753 with any additional technical questions.

Thank you!