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Accessing the Student Portal                                
(Please print this information and review it prior to entering the portal)

**Use Google Chrome when accessing the Student Portal.

  • You can use your Facebook Login, Google/Gmail login, or another email that you are currently using.

  • Go to - Click the Student Portal then Student Login on the upper right.

  • Choose the option you wish to use for login with the icons located under "Already a member?"   When using your Facebook or Google/Gmail it will use your current login and password for those applications.

  • You will receive a message indicating that you have registered for the site.

  • You will be approved within 24 hours or less. After the approval, you will have access to the material and modules.  

  • First-time login after approval.  Go to and click the Student Portal.

  • Click Student Login.

  • Click Login under "Already a member?" (VERY IMPORTANT)

  • Click the option you used for establishing your account for the Student Portal.  NOTE:  If you are already logged into Facebook or Google/Gmail, it may automatically give you access without a password.

  • Enter your email and password then click log in or enter.

  • You will see a message on the upper right saying "Hello" with your email prefix.

  • Click the down arrow next to the "Hello" and click Student Access.

  • Click the "All Course Material" to access CER Fast Track, CEO Fast Track, and the Full Study Module Series.

  • Use these steps in blue for future access.

Additional course information:

Course Access

- Go to

- Click on the green tab on the upper right called "Instructions to Access Student Portal"   You will use your personal email as your login and password.   

- Follow these instructions to access the yellow tab ("CER and CEO Student Portal") on the homepage to access the agenda, material, and videos.

- In the Student Portal review the following tabs:
    1.  Course Agendas
    2.  Course Videos and Material Links (You will see the required assignments on this page.)  Review all videos.


-  CEOs: Proceed to the CEO Fast Track Studies.

-  CERs:  Proceed to the CER Fast Track Studies.

-  To confirm your deadlines for submitting assignments, please to the homepage of our website at

- You have access to the student portal for 18 months after you receive you complete the course/s at no charge.  

- This course is only transferable two weeks prior to the sessions starting or emergency before the course starts. 

- If you have any additional questions, please email  

Refund Policy

A 100% refund is honored two weeks prior to the first date of an onsite course, online, or self-paced. You may contact to initiate a refund.  If the request is after the two-week period and prior to the class start, we will transfer fees for courses to another date with no penalty.


Thank you!
MECRA Board of Directors

Please text us at 989-786-9730 with any additional technical questions.


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