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House Bill 5046

MECRA, MAPCR, and MAFCR are pleased to announce the newly introduced House Bill 5046 - Page Rate Increase for transcripts in the state of Michigan.  This long-awaited increase has caused a shortage of court reporters and recorder along with causing a crisis producing the official record.


We are charged as the "guardian" of a precise record that can change the lives of so many in the legal system.  


  Join us in making history and making a change for our industry.

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What's next on HB 5046


HB 5046 was filed with the House on September 26th. Things have moved very quickly, and it is our understanding there is a possibility the House Criminal Justice Committee will be voting on HB 5046 next Tuesday, October 17th, but it has not been officially added to the agenda. It may be as late as Monday afternoon before we have confirmation, so be on the lookout for an updated email blast. It would be wonderful if we could have as many people present to show support to pass the Bill. Let us know if you think you might be able to attend.

Criminal Justice Committee meets Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. at

Location: Room 519, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

124 N. Capitol Ave., Lansing MI 48933


In addition to attending the Committee Hearing, writing a letter to the Committee expressing your views on why this bill is so important to you is vital to its passage. We would like to have as many letters as possible submitted prior to the next hearing. It is good to keep things short and to the point but express your personal experience and how this stagnant page rate has affected you. If you are no longer preparing transcripts, it would still be helpful to express why you left the profession.


Criminal Justice Committee Members and Emails:


Thank you in advance for your time.


Page Rate Increase Legislative Team
Join us at the next meeting on
11/4/2023 9 am via Zoom.



Robin Fisette

Kris Fuller

Jodi Gordon

Tami Marsh

Lyn Searles

Kris Shaneour


 Cheryl Farmer

Dawn Houghton

Jessica James

Shacara Mapp

Rochelle McNally

Kelli Werner

Freelance CERs/CSRs

 Jacqueline Reed 

Kristen Shankleton

Amy Shankleton-Novess

Theresa Stevens

Kara VanDam

If you would like someone to connect with you regarding HB 5046, please email us at
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