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MECRA Board of Directors


Jodi Gordon

Montmorency County Probate Court
Atlanta, Michigan



Immediate Past President

Jacqueline Reed

Ann Arbor, Michigan


2nd Vice President

Kris Shaneour
Hillsdale County

Hillsdale, Michigan






Nancy Morrison






Corresponding Secretary

Leah Hanna

Livingston County

Howell, Michigan 

Recording Secretary

Tami Marsh

84-A District Court

Lansing, Michigan




Transcript Editor

Kristen Shankleton

Modern Court Reporting

(734) 429-9143

Membership Chair

Rebecca Rod

41-B District Court

Ann Arbor, Michigan




Legislative Committee

Kristi Cox 
Livingston County
Howell, Michigan





Election Co-Chairs

Susan Klein

Laura Canaan




Conference Co-Chairs

Kris Fuller

Susan Wessyldyke




Past Board Officers,

Directors and Staff


Valerie Alcorn - Corresponding & Recording Secretary

Kim Delashmit - Corresponding Secretary

Nancy Morford - President

Wisetta Neill - Corresponding & Recording Secretary

Diane Pelts - Education Director

Carol Richardson - Corresponding Secretary

Charlotte Shade - President

Amy Shankleton - President & Legislative Chair

Terri Slade - President

Elaine Stocking - Editor

Sylvia Stratton - President and Parliamentarian

Tonjia Williams 2nd Vice President / Education Director

Edna Zaid - President


Note:  The above listing is being updated after review of archieved records.


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