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MECRA is proud to offer the Certified Electronic Operator (CEO) course in
partnership with at several Davenport University locations throughout
Michigan and online.

This training would provide the following:

● The onsite course is one-day at various locations throughout Michigan and the online course offers you a fast-track option that can be completed in approximately 4 weeks

Both courses offer: 

●Virtual online class time with the instructor (total 6 hours) via GoToMeeting

● Logging activities with samples of completed logs
● Access to instructors up to the time of the examination
● Online access to study material for the written exam on the MECRA
website The material covers the following subjects:
● Logging sessions (3 hours)
● Legal, Medical, and Latin Terminology (2 hours)
● Courtroom procedure (including testing equipment, file storage, and
various standard court staff duties) (2 hours)
● Training on several recording systems commonly used throughout the
state (procedural standards and updates) (2 hours)
● Review of courtroom events to assist in logging (1/2 hour)
● Professional conduct in the courtroom (1/2 hour) ● Training on managing
exhibits (1/2 hour)
● Review on integrating other courtroom technology while recording
(telephone, Polycom, and internet-based communications) (1/2 hour)
● Exercises in typing proficiency (3 hours)
Note: Online students will have the option to come to any of the logging

Recommended supplies or equipment:

  • Personal computer or laptop to access course material

  • Internet

  • Headset 


Feel free to contact us via with any


Once you have passed your exam...


Check out the Continuing Education and Enrichment page on the MECRA website.  If you are a freelance firm, follow the updates on the Freelance Services portion of our website.





Please pay via credit card with the link located at the top right of this page.   This will automatically register you for the course and a receipt will be issued via your email.  Our Course Registrar will contact within 72 hours with additional instructions and information.  

Confirmed registration is based on the order that the payments are received. 

Payment must be in full to be confirmed and priority is set based on when your exam is scheduled.  Refunds are honored with a written two-week notice prior to the first day of class via email to


Visit the  MECRA website for your paid confirmation at


Also, be sure to visit the website for any updates.


Thank you!



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