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Thomas v Estate of Marlin Mitchell

This practice material will assist you in preparation for your CER only. CEOs may log this audio for practice.    

Step 1 - Download FTR

Note:  The web player version is not recommended for transcript.

Step 2 - Download Audio Instructions

Step 3 - Transcribe this proceeding allowing yourself 2 hrs. 45 minutes.

Proof your work once completed.

Practice typing and submit results 

Medical Terminology

Take a moment to view this video.  This will give you the basic breakdown of medical terms.  You may also use the medical terminology flash card games under the video to reinforce you basic medical terminology. 

Additional training material:

We recommend that you should prepare several logs and transcripts prior to taking your exam.  Be sure to review the standards set forth in Section 4 and Section 5 of the Court Reporter Manual.  

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