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Logging elements of a proceeding:


1. You will be given several minutes in advance of the video to prepare the heading of your log sheet.  Remember, certain proceedings may not match up to the format of this log sheet.  You may cross out certain areas to include all details and the parties.  


2.  You must log the time and meter shown on the video.  Do not make up any times or meter numbers.  The times and meters must be accurate for your transcript to reflect proper parenthetical times.   Remember, you are looking for those elements of logging listed in the manual. This hearing is in military time. You do not have to convert the time.


3.  Use the scoring listed below determine that you have all the elements covered in logging this proceeding.  We urge that you proof yourself to understand the areas that you may need more assistance.  We can also pair you up with another student or a member of the MECRA education team for proofing.  You may email the results to  


Note:  It is one point per item.  It is required to get all details in each item for one point. 



  1. Opening meter/beginning comments/case intro - Case Name and Case Number/meter/time

  2. Witness sworn/time/meter

  3. Witness's name (spelled correctly)

  4. Direct, Cross, Redirect, or Examination by the Court/time/meter  
    Example:   (9:00  /  Meter 1200 / Examination by the Court)

  5. Objection/by whom/grounds/ruling

  6. Recess/time/meter

  7. Reconvened /time/meter

  8. Exhibit 1 marked/time/meter

  9. Exhibit 1 admitted or received/time/meter

  10. Witness excused/time/meter (most common item missed - do not forget)

  11. Log notes throughout (be sure to use Q & A in notes along with " / " breaking up log notes - See sample attached

  12. Proceedings concluded/time/meter

    Other time and meter events:  Identified witness,  


Additional notes:  Be sure to complete the heading page, page numbers on each page, P#'s, all party information, and a key for speakers.  (See examples)


Practice, practice, practice! 


Appendix: 2

Read Appendix in Section 2 in detail.  Be sure to review all areas regarding recording procedure.

Highlight the Appendix in Section 2 for the key points specifically to court room operations along with overall duties as a CER or CEO.

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