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Policy and Procedures

Become a member with MECRA - Payment Options

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Membership renewal is $130.00 and due on the 1st of every year.  Our treasurer will send out reminders annually.  If you are in need of a renewal form, please use the form provided below.


When renewing or joining as a member online, please follow these steps:


1.  Print the membership form.

2. Complete form indicating your form of payment.

3. If paying online, simply follow instruction to process your

    credit card.  Be sure to mail your form to the address listed       


4. If paying by check or money order, enclose payment with the

    membership form and mail to the address listed below.


If you wish to mail your membership you may use the PDF Membership form and mail payment to:


c/o Nancy Morrison, Treasurer


PO Box 226
Newberry, MI   49868
phone: 906-293-3448



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