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Hello everyone!!

Just received email from Mr. Nick Strunk at 8:57 p.m., tonight stating information regarding time for tomorrow!!

…stating that:

Session tomorrow starts at 12:00 and after looking at agenda, I can’t provide a confident estimate. Hopefully it will be before 5:00!..”


Nick Strunk…”

P.S….Thanks Nick!!

Jacquie Reed

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Hello all,

Nick Strunk (from Rep. Nate Shannon’s office) just touched basis with me this evening.

Nick stated he has received the agenda for tomorrow. House Bill 5046 is on there for the “Second reading”.

The “Second Reading” occurs after a Bill passes the Justice Committee floor. It then goes on Agenda for a “Second reading.”

He didn’t think that we needed to be there (unless we wanted) BUT stressed the need for attendance on Wednesday, November 1,2023, where it goes for the “Third Reading” AND…VOTING on our House Bill 5046!!!


  • Once the HB passes the Committee, it then goes for a “Second Reading”, where the Clerk reads the Bill to the House and then it’s referred for a “Third (3rd) reading. Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 AND VOTING!!! – THE 3RD READING AND THE VOTING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT (TO BE IN ATTENDANCE!!

  • Nick stressed that we should be there at the Capital Building for the “Third Reading” AND the VOTING on this Wednesday, November 1, 2023. He couldn’t give us a specific time, because he stated that there are a lot of Bills before the floor; it could be early in the morning or later in the afternoon. We would be able to sit in the public gallery and have a view of the voting.




Those of us that can make it, PLEASE be there in support of our Bill receiving ALL the votes needed to get it through to the next step!!!

Thanking everyone in advance for your support!!!

We feel very strongly that this will pass!!!

Jacquie A. Reed, CER0536

Legislative Chairwoman - MECRA

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