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This area is a great opportunity for those students that have taken the onsite two-day training or if you are on a short timeline. 

We highly recommend that you also complete the Modules.

In the matter of Zander Eaton

This is a simulated audio and video that mirrors the same experience for your examination at Lansing Community College.

Step 1 - Download the video for review on your computer

Note:  There is no software required to view this video.

Step 2 - Download FTR & Audio

Note:  The web player version is not recommended for transcript.

Step 3 - Log and then Transcribe Practice Transcript

Step 4 - Self-proofing of Transcript and Log Sheets



 Many participants have expressed difficulty with commas 

when taking the CER transcription portion of the exam.

You may want to take this supplemental course online. 
Simply click the "commas" icon to access

Margie Holds Class.

Margie Icon.png

Additional training material:

We recommend that you should prepare several logs and transcripts prior to taking your exam.  Be sure to review the standards set forth in Section 4 and Section 5 of the Court Reporter Manual.  

If you have never typed or logged a court proceeding, we also recommend that you attend our Typing and Logging Labs.  The hands on experience along with instruction from Certified Court Recorders (CERs) is extremely valuable. 

Here are a few more options to assist you in your studies:

Logging Exercise

This audio player does not require a pedal.  Use the player to log without interruption.

Blank log sheets are provided below along with the answer key upon completion.


We will also provide proofing by one of our educators upon your request.

Just email us at

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