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In the matter of Zander Eaton

This is a simulated audio and video that mirrors the same experience for your examination at Lansing Community College.

Step 1 - Download the video for review on your computer

Note:  There is no software required to view this video.

Step 2 - Download FTR & Audio

Note:  The web player version is not recommended for transcript.

Step 3 - Log  

Step 4 - Self-proofing Log Sheets

Additional training material:

We recommend that you should prepare several logs and transcripts prior to taking your exam.  Be sure to review the standards set forth in Section 4 and Section 5 of the Court Reporter Manual.  

If you have never typed or logged a court proceeding, we also recommend that you attend our Typing and Logging Labs.  The hands on experience along with instruction from Certified Court Recorders (CERs) is extremely valuable. 

Here are a few more options to assist you in your studies:

Logging Exercise

This audio player does not require a pedal.  Use the player to log without interruption.

Blank log sheets are provided below along with the answer key upon completion. (George Thomas)

CER anD CEO Class List for 9/25 and 10/2

Instructor Key:  JG - Jodi Gordon, JR - Jaqcuie Reed, and LS - Lyn Searles

JG  Adams, Toni ** 

JR  Balcom, Brennon - Completed (CEO) 11/5

JG  Bierkamp, Page - Completed (CER)  11/5

JG  Bommarito, Michelle - Completed (CER)  11/5

JG  Butkowich, Rose - Completed Self-paced (CEO) 11/7

JG  Boyle, Gracie (NC)

JG  Briggs, Sara ** 

JG  Davies, Taylor - Completed (CER) 11/8

JG  Davis, Andrea - Completed (CEO) 11/5

LS  Drew, Cynthia (King) - Completed (CER) 11/5

LS  Ferguson, Tegan - Completed (CER)

JG  Fitzgerald Wendy - Completed (CER)

JR  Fountain, Alyssa - Completed (CEO) 11/5

LS  Godsey, Stephanie - Completed (CEO) 11/5

JR  Grifka (Creighton), Jodi - Completed (CER) 11/6 

JR  Hartwick, Emily ** 

JR  Hawley, Page - Completed (CEO) 11/5
JR  Howell, Jennifer - - Completed (CEO) 11/6

JR  Holcomb, Alyssa ** 

JR  Jackson, Taylor **

JR  Johnson, Taylor **

JR  Jones, Michael - Completed (CEO) 11/6

LS  Kerr, Mickayla - Completed (CEO) 11/5

LS  Kowalski, Jennifer - Completed (CER) 11/5

LS  LeVeck, Kelly **

JG  Lueck, Jennifer **

JR  Marshall, Danny ** 

JG  Mausolf, Angela ** 

       Maul, Samantha - Completed (CEO) 11/5

JR  McClorey, Deborah #

JR  McColl, Shelby - Completed (CEO) 11/5

JR  Mozham, Monika - Completed (CER) 11/5

LS  Neadow, Danielle - Completed (CER) 11/5

JG  O'Hare, Christal ** 

JG  Reo, Dawn ** 

LS  Rockafellow, Andrew **  

LS  Rosinski, Stephanie - Completed (CER) 11/5

LS  Ruell, Lisa ** 

JR  Schmitdt, Brenda - Completed (CEO) 11/5

LS  Skipper, Brendon - Completed (CER) 11/5

LS  Sprague, Melissa ** 

JR  Stepka, Jennifer - Completed (CEO) 11/5

JR  Stokan, Jacklyn ** 

LS  Talifarroe, Elin - Completed (CEO) 11/5

JG  Thompson, Marisa ** 

JR  Tucker, Courtney - Completed (CEO) 11/5

LS  Wakeham, Rebecca- Completed (CE0) 11/5 

JR  Wegner, Katie **

January 2022 Course
Elizabeth Hitchcock - Transferred to Jan 2022

Valerie Bertani - Transferred to Jan 2022

Self-Paced Course Students
Nichole Postema

Refresher Participants
Joe Coleman

Darnika Dole

***As of 9/23/2021 - We are contacting everyone to assist due to the date changes.  Thank you for your patience.

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